The Fit Effect offers a variety of classes for all aspects of fitness! Below you will find a description of each class we offer as well as the class schedule for the month!

Class Schedule

Body Blast

If you want to change your body you need to challenge your body - and this class has you covered!  Each week offers a variety of exercises to challenge your strength, cardio, coordination and balance.   With offering for different levels of fitness, this class will work your whole body in one hour.

Bottom's up

This is a great lower body work out for your legs, quads, beautiful butt and calves. If you want to challenge your legs and butt this is the class for you. After class you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Gentle Fit

This class format is geared toward those who wish to start exercising or remain active, but have limitations either due to past inactivity, injury or are pushing through the challenges of aging gracefully.  Anyone can participate and individual modifications are at the forefront.  Reflect as you work out to your music not the typical club beat.  Please inform the instructor of health related limitations prior to class.  

Gentle Yoga

A hatha yoga class that focuses on building strength, stability and flexibility one pose at a time. This class is good for students who are new to yoga, those who want to focus on flexibility and balance or for those who want to take it a little easy.    

Glow and Flow Yoga
In this practice, you will be glowing in your bright colours while finding your breath as you flow through different poses, known as asanas.  Allow each movement to be linked to your breath as you clear your mind to create a calmer version of yourself.  With each movement you will build stamina, strength and create heat within yourself all while finding a deeper connection and appreciation for your body as you work to move effortlessly.  

Max Burn 30
Push the limits with this 30 minute full body interval class. Short bursts of intense exercise (cardio & weights) followed by active recovery. Combining high intensity with interval training results in maximum burning of calories!!! 

Metabolic Boot Camp  
This is a high intensity interval style class. A combination of plyometric and resistance training. Improve your cardiovascular system, coordination and flexibility while burning tons of calories. Torch Fat, Build muscle. It’s a win, win!  

​Morning Flow (30 minute class)
Join me for thirty minutes of movement first thing in the morning where our body responds best to stretches.  At this time our minds will be clear after a night’s sleep and you will be more willing to take in positive thoughts that will be carried with you throughout your day.  Start your day off feeling recharged and let’s set that tone that allows you to refocus on each task at hand.  

This indoor cycling class is designed for all fitness levels. The intensity of your ride is under your control, allowing you to work at a pace that is right for your body. The class focuses on aerobic endurance conditioning and aerobic interval training, with brief, high intensity bursts that push past your anaerobic threshold.

Total Toning

Try this high energy workout that will work abs, butt, legs, glutes, and upper body.  Come prepared to sweat and feel those muscles burn when we are done. A great over all workout for those that only can do one class a week. 

Yoga with Cassie
Tantric Hatha Yoga will be a series of classes, allowing you to open up different areas of your body week after week. We will begin each hour by setting an intention as we find the breath to carry through our class.  During the practice we will add a mix of vinyasa movement (flowing from one asana to the next with your breath) as well as some restorative poses, working to expand, stretch, extend and feel free from disturbances. The class will finish with deep relaxing shavasana and meditation for a clear mind and new energy to send out into the world.